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Misty Meadows
Christian Education at its Finest

Our Mission

Misty Meadows exists to provide a family centered Christian environment.  Misty Meadows fosters an unprejudiced spiritual and intellectual enviornment with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of those parents/families seeking alternatives to large schools.

Misty Meadows strives to prepare students for a lifetime of service to God and man.  Personal attention in a integrated educational setting is one of our many strengths.

Misty Meadows is part of a worldwide Christian based educational system owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  At Misty Meadows, it is our purpose to facilitate a child's spiritual, emotional, social, physical and educational Development.

Our Goals

Spiritual Growth

Student are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.  We desire that our children be prepared not just for service in this life but for wider service in the life to come.

Personal Value

We realize the importance of self-worth.  Through personal care and nurture and by word and example, we encourage the celebration of a person's value as a child of God.

Interpersonal Relationships

We teach interpersonal skills.  This includes an understanding of the responsibilites of family membership, and the ability to respond with sensitivity to the needs of others.  This would include development of effective communication skills.

Balanced Living

We teach our students to accept personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining their own optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Responsible Citizenship

While preparing for citzenship in the life to come, we encourage an understanding of of cultural and historical heritages and instill a belief in the dignity and worth of others.  We want our students to accept responsibility for living in a local, national and global community.

Intellectual Development

Crucial to any educational program, we train young people to adopt a systematic, logical, and Biblically based approach to decision making and problem solving in their daily life.

Personal Management

We emphasize the need to act responsibly in the everyday world by using Christian principles of stewardship, economy, and personal management in the area of personal possessions, use of time, and talents.

Career Focus

It is never too early to begin planning for the future.  We seek to develop a Christian work ethic with an appreciation for the dignity of service in each of our students.

Contact Us

Please contact Shirley Zanes at 706-937-9923 or email her at szanes@gccsda.com
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